The guarantee fund
is 100 000 USD




Service working hours

Service working hours:
08:00-17:00 GMT+00

Partner program

Partner program:
Earn with us to 1%

Discount system

Discount system
for clients

InstaWM allows:

Buying or selling electronic currency (WMZ, WMR, WME, WMB) of WebMoney payment system in the Internet.

Address all questions to our
Support Department.


Exchange from:

We offer you the services of selling, purchasing and exchanging e-currencies within WebMoney payment system. We guarantee high-speed execution and explicit grade of InstaWM operations’ attendance to our customers.

We will open new horizons of financial freedom to your funds!

WMZ 1.00
WMR 32.45
WMZ 1.00
WME 0.68
WMZ 1.00
RUR 32.45
WMZ 1.00
WMU 8.00
WMR 1.00
WMZ 0.03
WMR 1.00
WME 0.02
WMR 1.00
RUR 0.88
WMR 1.00
WMU 0.23

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2012-02-18 | 16:26:48 | Mike

Good, very good.

2011-06-21 | 16:02:39 | John

I would like to say thanks for your services, InstaWM. I will recommend you to as many friends as I can. Please keep it up.

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